Program at a glance

Thursday – 10.11.2011

14.30-19.00         Registration

16.30-16.45    OPENING CEREMONY
                       Chairpersons: Elzbieta Skrzydlewska, Grzegorz Bartosz

16.45-19.00    OPENING SESSION
                       Chairman: Giancarlo Aldini

16.45-17.30         Barbas C., Rupérez F. J., Godzien J., Balderas C., Moraes E.
        L-1                 Metabolomic approach to the antioxidant response to nutraceutical treatments in diabetes

17.30-18.15         Bast A.
        L-2                 Metabolism of antioxidants in relation to their effect.

18.15-19.00         Buszewski B., Szultka M., Olszowy P.
        L-3                 Hyphenated separation techniques in drug and its metabolites analysis

19.00                    Welcome party

Friday – 11.11.2011

9.00-10.30      PLENARY LECTURES
                       Chairman: Bogusław Buszewski

9.00 - 9.45           Kaliszan R.
                 Affinity of pyridine and piperidine alkaloids to beta- amyloid

9.45-10.30           Aldini G.
                 Top-down and bottom-up mass spectromertic analysis of covalent modifications
                               of albumin Cys34 as biomarker of oxidative stress

10.30-11.00         Coffee break

11.00-13.10    SESSION 1/Auditorium 1
                       Chairpersons: Corinne M. Spickett, Grzegorz Bartosz

11.00-11.30        Spickett C. M.,. Pereira A. R, Pitt A. R.
                Protein oxidation in biological systems: finding the needle in the haystack

11.30-12.00        Muller C., Sanson M., Salvayre R., Negre-Salvayre A.
                Protein disulfide isomerase modification by oxidized LDL impairs its function
                              and contributes to apoptosis. a role in atherosclerosis?

12.00-12.30        Leroy P., Boudier A.
                Inisight into the analytical chemistry of S-nitrosothiols: from physico-chemical characterisation to bioanalysis

12.30-12.50        Yelisyeyeva O.P., Semen K.O., Kaminsky D.V.,  Sirota T.V, Ostrovska H.V., Rybalchenko K.V.,  Lutsyk O.D.
                Complex estimation of antioxidant potential during correction of oxidative damage:
                              modern approaches, new possibilities

12.50-13.10        Ratajczak–Wrona W., Jablonska E., Garley M., Jablonski J., Radziwon P.
              The role of AP-1 transcription factor in the activation of iNOS and nitric oxide production
                              by neutrophils exposed to N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)

11.00-13.10   SESSION 2/Auditorium 2
                      Chairpersons: Kazimierz Głowniak, Guy Haegeman

11.00-11.30        Głowniak K., Kukuła-Koch W., Baj T.
              Application of modern analytical methods in phytochemical studies

11.30-12.00        Haegeman G.
              A desert plant-derived compound against inflammation

12.00-12.30        Maruška A., Kaškonienė V., Stankevičius M., Bimbiraitė-SurvilienėK., Drevinskas T.,
                              Akuņeca I., Ragažinskienė O., Juodeikienė G., Bartkienė E.
             Comparative evaluation of spectrophotometric and separation methods for radical
                              scavenging activity determination of spice and medicinal plants extracts

12.30-12             Waksmundzka-Hajnos M., Cieśla Ł.
             Thin-layer chromatography with biodetection to screen plant extracts for the presence of antioxidants

12.50-13.10        Semen K.O., Mazur D.I., Yelisyeyeva O.P.
              Does the amaranth oil decrease risk of comlications in DM II patients?

13.00-14.30        Lunch break

14.30-15.30   POSTER SESSION

15.30-18.10  SESSION 3/Auditorium 1
                      Chairpersons: Shlomo Sasson, Neven Zarkovic

15:30-16:00       Sasson S.
             Oxidative stress and cell specific generation and function of 4-hydroxyalkenals in diabetes

16:00-16:30        Grochowalski A.
             GC-MS techniques in the determination of traces of toxic organic substances

16:30-16:50       Jaganjac M., Poljak-Blazi M., Zarkovic M.,  Schaur R.J., Borovic S., Ana Cipak A.,
                             Matijevic T.,Cindric M., Uchida K., Waeg G., Zarkovic N.
             Lipid peroxidation – a missing link in tumor regression

16:50-17:10        Luczaj W., Rusak M., Skrzydlewska E.
              Liquid chromatogrphy- mass spectrometry analysis of F2 isoprostanes

17:10-17:30        Andrisic L., Collinson E. J.,  Jaganjac M., Tehlivets O., Kohlwein S. D., Dawes I. W., Zarkovic N., Cipak Gasparovic A.
              PUFA producing yeast – model for adaptation to membrane changes  based on oxidative stress

17:30-17:50        Ciborowski M., Alina Lipska A., Godzień J., Radziwon P., Tomasiak M., Barbas C.
              Metabolomic approach with LC-MS to study the efforts of ozone on metabolic
                              profile of human blood stored in standard PVC blood bags

17:50-18:10        Godzien J. Whiley L.,Rupérez F.J., Legido-Quigley C., Barbas C. Increasing
        L-22              lipidomic/matabolomic throughput with in vial sample splitting

15:30-18:10   SESSION 4/Auditorium 2
                      Chairpersons: Milan Stefek., Jerzy  Pałka

15:30-16:00        Pałka J.A.
        L-23              Biotechnological approach to cancer pharmacotherapy

16:00-16:30        Stefek M., Bartosz G, Milackova I, Kovacikova L
        L-24              Studies on antioxidant activity of substituted pyridoindoles: from the model in vitro to animal in vivo

16:30-16:50        Kudłak B., Namieśnik J.
        L-25              Analytics of pharmaceuticals’ residues in the environmental samples

16:50-17:10        Zavodnika I.B., Cheshchevika V.T., Lapshina E.A., Dremzaa I.K., Zabrodskayaa S.V.,
                              Shikov A.V., Kravchukc R.I., Zamaraewad M.
        L-26              Protective potential of some antioxidants against CCl14 – induced rat liver mitochondria damage

17:10-17:30        Buko V., Belonovskaya E., Lukivskaya O., Naruta E., T. Diesinger, Haehner T.
        L-27              Treatment of rat alcoholic (ASH) and non-alcoholic (NASH) steatohepatitis by imidazolyl derivatives

17:30-17:50        Pronko P.S., Khomich T.I., Satanovskaya V.I., Gaishmanova A.V., Kondyba N.I.,
                              Shlyahtun A.G., Lukivskaya O.J., Lis R.Ye., Poplavskaya Ye.A.
        L-28              Effects of antioxidants and amino acids on alcohol-induced oxidative stress
                              and manifestations of alcohol withdrawal and liver injury in ethanol-treated rats

17:50-18:10        Błaszczak-Świątkiewicz K., Mikiciuk-Olasik E.
        L-29              Application of hplc method for investigation of stability of new benzimidazole derivatives

19.00                    Get together party

Saturday – 12.11.2011

9.00-15.00          EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS
                              Workshop on Separation Methods
                              Workshop on Inductively Coupled Plasma Methods
                              Workshop on Methods for Preparation of Biological Material for Analytical Procedures

9.00-15.00         Trip to  Białowieża

16:00-19:10   SESSION 5/auditorium 1
                      Chairman: Neven Zarkovic, Ryszrd Oliński
        Grune T.
        L-30              Biomarkers of oxidative stress: how to measure them in clinical settings

16:30-17:00        Zarkovic N.,  Zarkovic K.
        L-31              4-hydroxynonenal as major bioactive marker of lipid peroxidation in various human diseases

17:00-17.30        Poli G., Biasi F., Chiarpotto E., Leonarduzzi G.
        L-32              Oxysterols: a likely molecular link between hypercholesterolemia and pathology in humans

17:30-17:55        Zarakowska E., Gackowski D., Foksinski M., Szpila A., Olinski R.
        L-33              Is 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2’-deoxyguanosine in DNA an epigenetic factor? possible clinical implications

17:55-18:20        Moniuszko A., Rusak M., Bielawska K., Pancewicz S., Skrzydlewska E.
        L-34              Isporpostanes as biomarkers of Lyme Arthritis

18:20-18:45        Tazber F.
        L-35              Evaluation of methods for detection of oxidative stress in samples of patients undergoing plasma apheresis therapy

18:45-19:10        Amann A.
        L-36              Exhaled breath analysis: opening up a window into the metabolism of the human body

19.10-19.30   CLOSING CEREMONY

Sunday – 13.11.2011

9.00-11:30            Trip to  Supraśl

POSTER SESSION - (11.11.2011 - Friday)  14.30-15.30

P-1    Amelian A., Winnicka K.
          Evaluation of the suitability of novel component excipients for manufacturing of orally disintegrating tablets by direct compression

P-2    Antosiak A., Woszczyk M., Kwiatkowski D., Gabryelak T.    
          Genotoxicity of genistein-8-c-glucoside from lupinus luteus in mcf-7 and hepg2 cell lines

P-3    Augustyniak A., Rusak M., Skrzydlewska E.
          L-carnitine protection against oxidative stress formation in the rat liver

P-4    Baranowska-Kuczko M., Kozłowska H., Schlicker E., Fiedoruk M., Malinowska B.
          Agonists of the propranolol-insensitive β-adrenoceptors cyanopindolol and cgp 12177 relax the rat
          mesenteric artery via activation of potassium channels

P-5    Bielawska K.,  Roszkowska-Jakimiec W., Skrzydlewska E.
          Effect of blackcurrant juice on phospholipid fatty acids metabolism in alcoholic rat liver

P-6    Biskup I., Golonka I., Sroka Z.
          Studies on antioxidant activity of water- soluble phenols by spectrophotometric method.

P-7    Bizunok N.A., Dubovik B.V.
          Antioxidant action of the red vine component trans-resveratrol, its derivatives and its combinations with ascorbic acid
          and melatonin on the model of respiratory burst of phagocytes

P-8    Borawska J., Darewicz M.
          Fish proteins as potential precursors of peptides with antioxidant activity

P-9    Borzym-Kluczyk M., Radziejewska I., Cechowska-Pasko M.
          The changes of glycosylation of proteins in healthy and pathological human renal tissues

P-10  Boudier A., Tournebize J., Grzegorz Bartosz G., El Hani S., Bengueddour R., Pierre Leroy P.
          High-performance liquid chromatographic method to evaluate the hydrogen atom transfer during reaction between
          1,1-diphenyl-2-picryl-hydrazyl radical and antioxidants

P-11  Brzóska M.M., Rogalska J., Dzwilewska I.
          Estimation of zinc impact on oxidative dna damage in the bone tissue of rats chronically exposed to cadmium

P-12  Cechowska-Pasko M., Krętowski R., Stypułkowska A., Borzym-Kluczyk M.
          Glycosaminoglycans synthesis in glucose deprived fibroblast cultures

P-13  Czajkowska-Kośnik A., Sznitowska M.
          Comparison of the in vitro release of poorly water soluble drugs from self-emulsifying drug delivery systems and suspensions

P-14  Czygier M., Szmitkowski M.
          Determination of oxidative stress and antioxidant status parameters in the plasma of gastric cancer patients after surgery

P-15  Dąbrowska E., Kamecka-Białowarczuk E., Jelski W., Brzóska M., Szmitkowski M.
          Effect of zinc supplementation on the antioxidant status (tas) in the submandibular salivary gland of the rat exposed to cadmium

P-16  Dobrzyńska I., Szachowicz-Petelska B.,  Skrzydlewska E., Figaszewski Z.
          Blackcurrant modulation of the physicochemical properties of rat liver cells that were affected by ethanol

P-17  Drozdowska D., Bruzgo I., Midura-Nowaczek K.
          Investigation of the influence of carbocyclic lexitropsins on proteolytic enzymes activity

P-18  Figaszewski Z., Dobrzyńska I., Szachowicz-Petelska B.
          Changes in electric charge and phospholipids composition in human bladder cancer cells

P-19  Frąckowiak A., Kokot Z.J.
          Comparison of hplc and hpce methods for separation of ofloxacin and its degradation product

P-20  Gajek A., Rogalska A., Szwed M., Marczak A.
          The anticancer activity of wp631 in skov- 3 cells

P-21  Gajewska A., Solarska-Ściuk K., Skolimowski J., Mitura K., Bartosz G.
          Changes of glutathione level and glutathione-related enzymes in endothelial cells after treatment with carbon nanoperticles

P-22  Galicka A., Krętowski R., Nazaruk J., Arciuch E.
          Anethole prevents hydrogen peroxide-induced effects on collagen and dna in human skin fibroblasts

P-23  Grebowski J., Krokosz A., Wolszczak M., Puchała P.
          Pulse radiolysis of highly hydroxylated fullerene c60 in aqueous solution towards HO• radicals

P-24  Grzęda E., Schlicker E., Göthert M.,  Malinowska B.
          Hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus participates in the pressor effect of methanandamide

P-25  Gumieniczek A., Pietraś R., Owczarek B., Pawlikowska B., Pomykalski A.
          Oxidative/nitrosative stress and protein damages in the aqueous humor of hyperglycemic rabbits:
          effects of two oral antidiabetics, pioglitazone and repaglinide

P-26  Hlutkin S.V., Zinchuk V.V.
          Effects of erythropoietine on the oxidative stress in rats during the cold . Exposure and the following rewarming

P-27  Jarocka I., Gilewska G., Jablonska-Trypuc A., Bielawska A.  Skrzydlewska E.
          Comparison of influence of cisplatin-berenil derivatives on antioxidant properties of neoplastic cells.

P-28  Jurczuk M., Brzóska M.M., Rogalska J.
          Evaluation of the oxidative/antioxidative status of the hepatic mitochondria of rats co-exposed to lead and ethanol

P-29  Kalaska B., Sokolowska E., Kaminski K., Szczubialka K., Kramkowski K., Mogielnicki A., Nowakowska M., Buczko W.
          Cationic derivative of dextran reverses anticoagulant activity of unfractionated heparin in animal models of arterial
          and venous thrombosis

P-30  Kanunnikova N.P., Bashun N.Z., Grokhovskaya T.Ch., Lukiyenko E.P., Raduta E.F., Moiseenok A.G.
          Treatment of brain ischemic and reperfusion injuries by panthenol, succinate and selecor

P-31  Karna E., Szoka Ł., Pałka J.A
          Captopril-dependent inhibition of collagen biosynthesis in cultured fibroblasts

P-32  Kasprzak M.M., Szmigiero L., Zyner E., Ochocki J.
          Proapoptotic properties of two ruthenium(II) complexes with flavanone-derived ligands.

P-33  Kaźmierska P., Gołębiewski H., Kowalczyk T., Bocian R., Konopacki J.
          Does an antioxidant ascorbic acid improve the condition of hippocampal preparations? – microeeg registration

P-34  Korytko Z.I
          Features of the metabolic reactions of the athletes-runners of different skills during adaptation to physical overloads

P-35  Kostecka P., Dąbrowska E., Tokajuk G.
          The role of vitamins in oxido – reductive processes in the oral cavity

P-36  Kośliński P., Bujak R., Daghir E., Markuszewski J.M.
          Comparison of hilic with rp-lc stationary phases for separation of the pterin metabolites

P-37  Kowalczyk A., Biskup I., Fecka I.
          Antioxidant capacity and polyphenolic profile of melissa officinalis galenic preparations

P-38  Koval A.N., Sergeenko S.M., Gritsuk A.I.
          Effect of vegetable oil and antioxidant vitamin complex on parameters of basal metabolism and tissue respiration
          of myocardium in white rats

P-39  Kozłowska H., Baranowska-Kuczko M., Schlicker E., Kozłowski M., Fiedoruk M.,  Malinowska B.
          Rosiglitazone relaxes the human pulmonary artery via endothelial products and pparγ activation

P-40  Kucharska A., Wojnicz D.,  Cisowska A., Walkowski S., Sokół-Łętowska A., Włoch A., Żbikowska B., Sroka Z., 
          Hendrich A., Gabrielska J.

          Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of some polyphenol extracts of rosaceae family

P-41  Kupraszewicz E., Brzóska M.M.
          Effect of exposure to lead on the enzymatic antioxidative barrier of the bonetissue in rats

P-42  Tankiewicz-Kwedlo A., Pawlak D., Domaniewski T., Buczko W.
          The effect of erythropoietin and hydrogen peroxide on the growth of DLD-1 cells

P-43  Łukaszewicz-Zając M., Mroczko B., Groblewska M., Kozłowski M., Laudański J., Nikliński J., Szmitkowski M.
          Macrophage – colony stimulating factor (m-csf) as a tumor marker in esophageal cancer (EC)

P-44  Markowska A., Magdalena Bruzgo M., Surażyński A.
          Novel ε-aminocaproic acid derivatives as potential serine proteases inhibitors

P-45  Matysiak J., Dereziński P., Kokot Y.J.
          Stability studies of melittin in honeybee (apis mellifera) venom solutions using hplc

P-46  Mazurek-Wądołkowska E., Miltyk W.
          Application of differential scanning calorimetry in evaluation of solid state interactions in tablets containing kollidon

P-47  Mihaljević B.
          The optimization of the lipid hydroperoxide assay

P-48  Moiseenok A., Katkovskaya I., Gurinovich V., Omelyanchik S., Pekhovskaya T.
          Redox-thiol component in oxidative stress: role of pantothenic acid and coenzyme A

P-49  Olchowik E., Mavlanov S., Abdulladjanova N., Gieniusz R., Zamaraeva M.
          Antiradical activity and protective effect of hydrolysable tannins from sumac  (rhus typhina l.) Leaves against tert-butyl
          hydroperoxide oxidative damage in erythrocytes.

P-50  Pawlak K., Mysliwiec M., Pawlak D.
          Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase plasma levels as a new useful clinical biomarker of oxidative stress in patients
          with end-stage renal disease

P-51  Pekhovskaya T., Katkovskaya I., Lukienko Y., Kovalenchik ., Moiseenok A.
          Selenium-sensitive tests in modeling and bioefficiency of se-containing pharmaceutical substances

P-52  Pieniążek A., Tabaczar S., Czepas J., Piasecka-Zelga J., Gwoździński K. Koceva Chyła A.
          The influence of combination of pirolin nitroxide and paclitaxel on rat liver and brain

P-53  Pomykalski A., Gumieniczek A., Pietraś R.
          Comparison of videodensitometric, classic and derivative uv spectrophotometric methods for quantification of meloxicam

P-54  Poplawska B., Surażyński A., Miltyk W., Bielawski K., Czarnomysy R., Bielawska A.
          Combined therapy with disintegrin and cisplatin a new strategy in inhibition of breast cancer cell line (mda-mb 231) growth

P-55  Przybysławska M., Winnicka K.
          Preparation of ciprofloxacin-encapsulated poly-e-caprolactone microcapsules by the solvent evaporation technique

P-56  Pućkowska A., Drozdowska D., Rusak M., Bielawski T., Bruzgo I., Midura-Nowaczek K.,
          Amino and chlorambucil analogues of pentamidine – synthesis and biological examinations

P-57  Purwin M., Bruzgo I., Markowska A., Midura-Nowaczek K.
          Effects of a low molecular weight compounds containing lysine on the amidolytic activities of plasmin, thrombin and trypsin

P-58  Puścion A., Brzóska M.M., Jurczuk M., Lach L.
          The impact of excessive ethanol consumption on the oxidative/antioxidative status of the small intestine
          in rats chronically exposed to cadmium

P-59  Rusak T., Przesław K., Ciborowski M., Tomasiak M., Piszcz J.
          Cell-free hemoglobin may enhance blood pressure in patients with polycythemia vera.

P-60  Sadowska-Woda I.
          The oxidant-antioxidant imbalance in pediatric asthma subdivided by the level of disease control

P-61  Shulha K.V., Zinchuk V.V., Shulha K.V.
          Melat nin correction of lipopolysaccharide induced oxidative stress

P-62  Solarska-Ściuk K.,  Gajewska A., Skolimowski J., Mitura K., Bartosz G.
          Effect of nanodiamond on the antioxidant system of endothelial cells

P-63  Sosnowska K., Winnicka K.
          The influence o pamam dendrimers on the in vitro release of clotrimazole from hydr gels

P-64  Surazynski A., Miltyk W., Wolczynski S., Palka J.A.
          The effect of prolactin and estrogen cross-talk on prolidase– dependent signaling in mcf-7 cells.

P-65  Szachowicz-Petelska B., Dobrzyńska I., Skrzydlewska E., Figaszewski Z.
          The influence of weet grass (hierochloe odorata) on ethanol intoxication-induced changes in rat liver cell membranes

P-66  Szatkowska B., Kwiatkowska M., Huras B., Bukowska B.
          Oxidative damages in human lymphocytes incubated with bromfenvinphos and its impurities

P-67  Szula E., Rogalska A., Gajek A., Marczak A.
          Epothilone a effect on ovarian cancer cells: comparison to paclitaxel

P-68  Szymańska E., Winnicka K.
          Comparison of flow-through cell and paddle method for testing vaginal tablets with poorly water soluble drug

P-69  Tabaczar S., Czepas J., Piasecka-Zelga J., Koceva-Chyla A., Gwozdzinski K.
          The effect of quercetin and pirolin on oxidative stress parameters in heart of rats with dmba-induced mammary tumours

P-70  Urbaniak B., Matysiak J., Dereziński P., Kokot Y.J.
          Hpce analysis of hyaluronidase and hyaluronic acid

P-71  Zakrzeska A, Bogucka S., Szemraj J., Chabielska E.
          Effect of endocannabinoid - anandamide on oxidative stress during the formation of an arterial thrombus
          in rats – preliminary study

P-72  Zhadzko D.D., Zinchuk V.V.
          Oxidative stress in sauna bath

P-73  Żurawska-Płaksej E., Grzebyk E., Stachurska A., Mysiak A., Piwowar A.
          Oxidative modifications of human serum albumin induced with percutaneous coronary intervention

P–74  Czarnomysy R., Muszyńska A., Subocz M., Bielawski K.,
          Pro-apoptotic effect of novel Pt-berenil complexes on MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 breast cancer cells

P–75  Siwek A., Wujec M., Bielawski K., Lepiarczyk M., Bielawska A.
          Inhibition of DNA human topoisomerases I and II by
          4-aryl/alkyl-1-(piperidin 4-yl)-carbonylthiosemicarbazides and 4-benzoyltiosemicarbazides

P–76  Borawska M.H.,  Markiewicz-Żukowska R., Soroczyńska J., Socha K.
          Total polyphenols content in bee honey from PODLASIE region