List of Speakers and Titles

•  Giancarlo Aldini [Italy]
   "Top-down and bottom-up mass spectromertic analysis of covalent modifications
   of albumin cys34 as biomarker of oxidative stress"

•  Anton Amann [Austria]
   “Exhaled breath analysis: opening up a window into the metabolism of the human body”

•  Coral Barbas [Spain]
   "Metabolomic approach to the antioxidant response to nutraceutical treatments in diabetes"

•  Vyacheslav  Buko  [Belarus Republic]
   “Treatment of rat alcoholic (ASH) and non-alcoholic (NASH) steatohepatitis by imidazolyl derivatives”

•  Bogusław Buszewski [Poland]
   "Hyphenated separation techniques in drug and its metabolites analysis"

•  Aalt Bast [Netherlander]
   "Metabolism of antioxidants in relation to their effect"

•  Kazimierz Głowniak [Poland]
   “Application of modern analytical methods in phytochemical studies”

•  Tilman Grune [Germany]
   "Biomarkers of oxidative stress: how to measure them in clinical settings"

•  Adam Grochowalski [Poland]
   “GC-MS techniques in the determination of traces of toxic organic substances”

•  Guy Haegeman [Belgium]
   "A desert plant-derived compound against inflammation"

•  Monika Waksmundzka-Hajnos [Poland]  
   “Thin-layer chromatography with biodetection to screen plant extracts for the presence of antioxidants

•  Roman Kaliszan [Poland]
   "Affinity of pyridine and piperidine alkaloids to beta-amyloid"

•  Pierre Leroy [France]
   “Inisight into the analytical chemistry of S-nitrosothiols: from physico-chemical
   characterisation to bioanalysis”

•  Audrius Maruska [Lithuania]
   “Comparative evaluation of spectrophotometric and separation methods for radical scavenging
   activity determination of spice and medicinal plants extracts”

•  Jacek Namieśnik [Poland]
   „Analytics of pharmaceutical residues in environmental”

•  Jerzy Pałka [Poland]
   "Biotechnological approach to cancer pharmacotherapy"

•  Giuseppe Poli [Italy]
   “Oxysterols: a likely molecular link between hypercholesterolemia and pathology in humans”

•  Pavel Pronko  [Belarus Republic]
   "Effects of antioxidants and amino acids on alcohol-induced oxidative stress
   and manifestations of alcohol withdrawal and liver injury in ethanol-treated rats"

•  Ryszard Oliński [Poland]
   “Is 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2’-deoxyguanosine in DNA an epigenetic factor? possible clinical implications”

•  Anne Negre-Salvayre [France]
   “Protein disulfide isomerase modification by oxidized LDL impairs its function and contributes
   to apoptosis, a role in atherosclerosis?”

•  Sasson Shlomo [Israel]
   "Oxidative stress and cell specific generation and function of 4-hydroxyalkenals in diabetes"

•  Corinne Spickett [England]
   "Protein oxidation in biological systems: finding the needle in the haystack"

•  Milan Stefek [Slovak Republic]
   "Studies on antioxidant activity of substituted pyridoindoles: from the model in vitro to animal in vivo"

•  Franz Tatzber [Austria]
   “Evaluation of methods for detection of oxidative stress in samples of patients undergoing
   plasma apheresis therapy”

•  Olha Yelisyeva [Ukraine]
   "Complex estimation of antioxidant potential during correction of oxidative damages:
   modern approaches, new possibilites"

•  Neven Zarkovic [Croatia]
   “4-hydroxynonenal as major bioactive marker of lipid peroxidation in various human diseases”

•  Ilia Zavodnik [Belarus Republic]
   "Protective potential of some antioxidants against CCl4-induced rat liver mitochondria damage"